Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence solves the data integration and access problems that corporations face in a fast-paced, global marketplace. It shortens the decision-making cycle by eliminating the time it takes to assemble disparate data for review. Today's decision-makers exhaust their attention trying to gather, coordinate and rationalize the data they use to make decisions. With Business Intelligence, they have a complete set of trusted data at their fingertips.

Years ago, in anticipation of Y2K, corporations invested huge sums of money upgrading their enterprise applications. Since then, new opportunities to automate CRM, procurement, and on-line sales have presented themselves as companies apply eBusiness technologies to extend their networks to partners and suppliers. Since different vendors typically develop these systems, the data is not consistent from one system to the next. This presents great challenges to analysis at the enterprise level. Thus, new systems must include analysis capabilities so business users, from workers to executives, can discern enterprise performance and adjust operations accordingly. A complete business intelligence solution integrates disparate data within an enterprise warehouse architecture, making information available in a consistent and standardized manner.

Our business intelligence offerings are specially designed to meet the challenges of national and international businesses. Our expertise turns corporate-wide data into information and then into collective intelligence. Intelligent decisions drive enhanced revenue, reduced risk, cost containment and a better operational understanding of your business.

we help organizations define key performance indicators (KPIs) to manage their processes, optimize performance and thus help drive corporate strategy. We also design and develop visualization features such as dashboards, which give organizations the opportunity to view summarized data and to drill down to operational data for relevant details.

We offer:

  • BI solution scoping, selection and implementation
  • Data warehouse strategy, design and implementation
  • Business Intelligence Portals
  • Enterprise Reporting Strategy & Implementation
  • Balanced Scorecard/KPI Dashboards

These are designed to provide a consolidated, comprehensive data source and set of tools to improve decision making. In our view, the promise of Microsoft BI helps decision makers at all levels throughout your organization have confidence that their decisions support your company’s goals and initiatives.