Business Process Consulting

We have helped many of organizations achieve operational alignment of people, process and technology. We do this by:

  • Understanding your business and the functional structure that supports your main business process.
  • Using proven best practices we illustrate clearly how technology can align strategy with process.
  • Helping you achieve your business objectives to deliver dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance such as cost, quality, service and speed.

We lead you through an in-depth business process review, with an eye on how these process changes will mesh with new business software.

Our Business Process Consultants Focus On Helping You

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement through a diagnostic review of current business processes, systems and internal controls and determine whether they add value and contribute to profitability.
  • Giving management a snapshot of areas that need to be strengthened.
  • Delivering an analysis and transition plan that can be easily understood and implemented, and help you fundamentally rethink and redesign the business processes necessary to maximize profitability.

Our Return on Investment Process for Our Customers and Partners

Through a collaborative process, our team of technologists and process experts pay particular attention to:

  • Assessing the client's business strategy and the implications of process and systems change on the enterprise (internally and externally)
  • Comparisons and contrasts of different ERP offerings to select the most appropriate solution, thanks to our deep understanding of each product's capability
  • Aligning processes throughout the company on the basis of consistent criteria
  • Applying our applications expertise to develop a tight integration of systems and business processes
  • Ensuring a smooth transition of systems skills and knowledge transfer to our customers through skilled project and change-management resources
  • Maximizing the bottom-line business value of your Great Plains, Solomon, Navision or Axapta investments
  • In addition, we offer CRM technology expertise in Microsoft CRM. Our CRM services run the gamut from predictive analysts to campaign management.