Application Maintenance and Tech Support

Maintaining software applications and products has always been a natural extension of application development.

Outsourcing maintenance services allows our customers to re-allocate valuable in-house resources to more strategic activities. Our maintenance services cover the following activities:

  • Corrective Maintenance - Bug fixing
  • Adaptive Maintenance - Alterations to support changing business or technical environments, client specific customization and new requirements
  • Preventive Maintenance- Restructuring, revitalizing, and rewriting code for future ease of maintenance - and increasing maintainability through rationalization of data and performance tuning
  • Perfective Maintenance- Add new capabilities, modify and/or enhance features and deliver upgrades

Application management outsourcing provides access to competitive skills that can be difficult and costly to acquire. Additionally, sourcing allows resources that can be leveraged to help you flexibly respond to the fluctuating demands of personnel and hardware support, as well as to fast-moving development initiatives and business requirements.

In today's highly competitive and rapidly changing marketplace, where every advantage counts, the ability to focus on your key imperatives makes all the difference.

As the technology environment continues its rapid pace of change, more and more companies consider outsourcing for both strategic and tactical objectives. When analyzed, the quantitative and qualitative results of both are compelling, and include the following:

  • Optimizing applications for a maximized Return on Investment.
  • Predicting expenses for accurate budgeting and forecasting purposes.
  • Improving time-to-market on new products and services
  • Access to a professional staff to complement and extend resource pools.
  • Reducing total cost of ownership through a resource-sharing model.
  • Increased ability to refocus corporate resources on core activities.